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Editra: Cool Programming

August 8, 2008

This article if for the people who loves, needs or work in the programming business, some time ago exists a new cool text editor and literally: “focuses on creating
an easy to use interface and features that aid in code development” (Editra site).

For many time i have use vim or drpython for coding and trying -recently- with eclipse and anjuta for the search of a new application which brings me more power, those 2 last apps are very good but have a high load and consumes a lot of resources. Editra is really easy and has a lot of features not included in many text editors, including: memos, version control system (git, bazaar, cvs, svn), auto-complete, auto-suggestion, etc.

Take a look and you will see a great tool for our work, don’t be regret. Soon i will post some small tutorial for plug-in programming for this application, which -by the way- is fully written in python and wxwidgets.