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Ubuntu encrypted partitions

August 13, 2008
The security is basic and for people that wish to add more privacy on their data, this post will be a great option. As reference, i can say that this can be a good practive to protect us or just for fun!!!
Some months ago, i read one article from ubuntu tutorials about howto encrypt a partition in 7 steps. Well that guide is -for me- the best that i found and explains shortly howto “hide” to anyone our information.
My recommendation for all the people that wants follow the tutorial is advance whitout any doubt to the Step 7; however, i will add some modifications trying to offer a simple howto mount the encrypted-generated partition.
The addition of the partition (encrypted) means that every time that you want to mount the drive must input the proper password each time at boot time; well, avoid this mounting the partition only when you need using gdecrypt, a nice python app that makes our work more simple.
Just install and use, you can locate the link for access to this tool in the Applications/System Tools Menu. Open it, locate the encrypted partition in the combo box, choose the mounting point, press “mount”, input the password and done…… The partition is ready for use in your desktop.