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“View your mind” in a clean way

August 9, 2008
Some times the people needs to put clear their ideas and -also- with a properly order.
In this case, i will show us to vym (view your mind), this tool do exactly as we say: you have to think and translate your ideas in a virtual page, using a simple tools, building intuitivily a group of concepts for obtain a main porpouse: a planning guide.
The major feature -for me- is the option for export the conceptual map to taskjuggler (a very good project planning application for Linux), which allows me use for any project in my company, but also with my costumers who have seen the benefits of this tool (business planning then….).
Next, you’ll see a graphic, exported from vym and show us the planning for a new project: Smart Control Panel (scp) which goal is to be a really simple and powerful application for *nix administrators.

Don’t wait for try this great tool.